Bitcoin Casino Guide

Are you looking for a reliable, trustworthy place to gamble with your bitcoins or other cryptocurrency? Before blindly depositing your money into a random bitcoin casino, you should read some reviews first.

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What factors to consider when choosing a bitcoin casino

Bitcoin has revolutionized the online gaming industry. Betting with bitcoin is legal anywhere, instantaneous and easy.

Just like with real money casinos, you have to do your due diligence before depositing money to a gambling site. Not all sites are created equal, and some are blatant scams.

Bitcoin is a relatively new addition to the world of gambling, and online gaming providers are just starting to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrency as payment options. A quick Google search brings up many different results – some look amateuristic, some look like traditional online casinos.

bitcoin gamblingBecause of the anonymous and instant nature of bitcoin, the casinos in this industry have implemented a ‘provably fair’ system in an attempt to prove the legitimacy of the casino. Since these casinos don’t require a gambling license, it has become necessary to provide provably fair software. When looking for a bitcoin casino, they should ideally have either provably fair software or a gambling license.

Other factor to consider is anonymity. Even though some real money casinos have started to accept bitcoin as payment method, they still require you to fill out all your personal details in order to play on their site. That’s why it preferable to choose a casino that only operates in cryptocurrency. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have anything to hide – the main benefit of bitcoin casinos is the fact that you don’t have to spend ages verifying your identity, but can start playing instantly after creating your account. Deposits and withdraws are instant, which means that you no longer have to send your ID to the customer deprartment any time you happen to win big.

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Dogecoin Casinos

dogecoin casinos

God Bless the internet.

Wow, such bet. Dogecoin is quickly becoming the #1 currency for online gaming. Many casinos are noticing this and have added dogecoin to their list of accepeted coins.

Sites that use multiple currency often convert them into special ‘casino credits’ according to current exchange rates. That makes it easier to process the amounts. Once you wish to withdraw, the credits are converted back to whatever currency you wish to withdraw. To Read more about Dogecoin casinos, check out our dogecoin -dedicated page;

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Bitcoin Sportsbooks

Bitcoin sportsbooks share the same benefit of casinos – quick deposits, anonymity, and legal anywhere, since bitcoin isn’t official money.

Many sites have added a sportsbook in addition to their casino. Check reviews for more.


Bitcoin Poker

Bitcoin poker has exploded in popularity, especially in the US, because real money online poker is illegal there. Bitcoin has offered a solution to this problem. Once again, bitcoin is not official money, so gambling with bitcoin is just as legal as gambling with pinecones or Runescape money.


Where to get bitcoin?

If you’re completely new to bitcoin, I recommend you to spend a couple of minutes or even hours to get familiar with the subject, as it is not as simple as you might think. The subject has been explained better than I ever could, so you can start reading at Once you know a little something, you can buy bitcoin at sites like MtGox.